Lightbulb Moments and our latest project reveal!

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Have you ever had a light-bulb moment? Like a true one where you feel light and excited and inspired?

Or, do you ever seem to be asked the same questions over and over again, maybe even in a variety of ways, for your advice or input?

I think we all do and have these happen, but most of us don’t listen and push it aside. We may be distracted by life, stress, problems and work. Sometimes though, it’s powerful enough to get our attention, like a slap in the face, to make us aware that we better listen in to the rest of the sentence…

I feel like us natural entrepreneurs have this happen A LOT. We naturally see problems or lack and want to fix them. We take risk regardless of the potential outcomes and try to solve our towns, countries and world problems with better ways to do and new products or services.

I had one of these “aha”, “light-bulb” or “duh…” moments last year a few weeks or so before the COVID shutdown. I was driving home from work, exhausted but always brainstorming as usual. I had just a few vacation rentals at the time and had local folks asking me (almost every day), “How do you do it?”, “What do you charge?”, “How do you market it?”, “Can you manage one for me, if I create one?”  And although I loved helping everyone and answering their questions, I found it was taking away from my normal day-to-day things that I needed to be doing workwise. I needed to figure out a way to help more people, with less time and maybe even figure out how to get paid for it, since ultimately it would be taking time away from what I actually get paid to do. I also reminded myself that I was a real estate broker (for Mountain Valley Realty) and could legally manage others’ vacation rentals if I figured out how to create a new company to do so.

Then……the shutdown happened. This was when I decided to write a book (Vacation Rentals: The Ultimate Guide) to make an even bigger impact and help many more people than I had ever dreamed of. It also was my way to keep my sanity and have a healthy outlet during so much chaos and unknown.  The idea of creating and opening yet another company took the back burner though. So, I used my time at home to write, create my course (Vacation Rental Academy), create worksheets and guides to help even more people create wealth, abundance and get into real estate investing.

Once we got back in the swing of things and I could refocus again on my businesses and services, I then pushed full steam ahead and created MVR Vacation Rentals. In our area, there were literally no other vacation rental property managers and as easy as it could have been to not do it and just worry about what we already had going on, I saw the lack and need for it in our area to help locals at a much bigger level and HAD TO!

**Side note…is there anything that you see a need for in your local area? Something that could have an enormous impact and help many people? The most amazing thing about small business is that it not only fills that need, but also helps your local area and other small businesses by doing so. Of course, there may be competition, but that is healthy too!

Let’s fast forward months of work, planning and hiring to today. We have a unique variety of many vacation rentals that we are now managing for others. We are so excited to announce that this week, we will be starting the renovation of MVR Vacation Rentals’ very own downtown Wellsboro location at 64-68 Main St. My husband Jeremy will be gutting the space and then we will regroup and see what we have to work with. It is an old historic building, and we want to try to use as much of its original character  as we can. We will then put our spin on it with reclaimed wood, barn roof metal etc., so stay tuned!!! Definitely keep tabs on my Facebook and Instagram pages for the play by play!

We truly hope that our business creates long-term wealth and peace of mind for others and that this space offers a destination for folks to our area and is a resource to them, while helping other local businesses by promoting them as well. When the project is done and my new company is moved in, I plan to have it be a space that I can also do book signings, have live events and sell books from.

I hope that this post not only gives you an update on our goings on, but also may make you take notice of any questions that you are asked frequently, or maybe even lightbulb moments that you may be too fearful to play out. Like I always say – What is the worst that can happen!?!?




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